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As our next Triplets 4 a Cause project we are raising money for Jakey, a 12  year old boy from Teaneck who has cerebral palsy and, therefore, cannot move his legs.  That means that he is not able to do many activities that we can.  His parents saw a bike that Jakey would be capable of riding.  This bike costs a few thousand dollars, and we would like to help raise money for him to buy it.  To do so we are putting together care packages for kids in camp.  Included in the packages will be fun knickknacks and snacks.  All food will be certified kosher, pareve, and nut-free.  If you order the packages, our parents will ship it the week of your choice. All orders must be placed before we go to camp (so we can pack the boxes before we leave for camp). Not only will your children enjoy these packages, but by the end of the summer, with the money we hope to raise from the packages, we hope Jakey will be closer to enjoying his new bike.  Since we are trying to raise as much money as we can for Jakey, please forward this email to as many of your friends and relatives as you can.

If we are lucky enough to raise more than the cost of the bicycle, all extra proceeds will go to The Friendship Circle of Bergen County to help other children. The Friendship Circle is a wonderful local organization that provides programming for children and teens with special needs and supports parents and family members with much needed respite and support. More information about The Friendship Circle in Bergen County can be found at  www.BCFriendship.com.

We hope to hear from you real soon!!

Triplets 4 A Cause
Noah, Julia & Anna Greenblatt, Co-CEOs
Sophia Greenblatt, Vice President
Avery, Chief of taking everything out of each package and saying “I am just checking this out; I promise, I will put it back!

Details: All packages will cost $25. We will place approximately $10 worth of snacks and games into each package. 100% of the profit from each package (after deducting the cost of the contents and the shipping) will be used to pay for Jakey’s bicycle. We cannot guarantee what will be in each package but they will all be cool and tasty. It is a great way for parents to send packages to their kids and nephews and nieces (and their neighbors’ kids J) without the hassle of going to the supermarket and post office. We will do all of this for you, and all for a GREAT cause!!!

All checks should be made payable to The Friendship Circle.
Please fill out the form below and mail the completed form and a check for $25 for each package that you want to order. All orders must be received by Thursday June 24, 2010 (but the earlier you get your orders in the better!). Each package will include a note from you (we will print the portion of the form you fill in below as the note). If you want more than one package (what a great idea!) please fill out a separate form for each package. But you can include one check with all the forms ($25 per package, including any applicable sales tax). Please mail the completed form to:

Triplets 4 A Cause
c/o The Rocking Chair LLC
60 Grand Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631


Name of person placing the order:

Address of person placing the order:

Email of person placing the order:

Telephone of person placing the order:

Name of child and camp and address of camp that the package is to be sent to (include bunk number if possible):

Age of Camper:

Is camper a boy or girl?:

Week you want the package shipped:

Should we send package WITHOUT food (ie include knickknacks only)? (check here if NO food): □

Personal Note to be included with the package:


Please note, we can only ship to a camp in the USA. Note: photos are for illustrative purposes only and not indicative of what the packages will look like (our dad MADE us put that in!).


 See full size image


For more information about us and Triplets 4 A Cause please visit www.triplets4acause.com or email us at t4c@triplets4acause.com

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