CONNECT American and Cuban Teens

Recently, ties between Cuba and the United States have begun to be restored.  We now have an incredible opportunity to engage with the citizens of Cuba, in particular the teenage population. This unique chapter in our history represents what might be a once-in-lifetime opportunity to chart a new course by connecting U.S and Cuban teens.

The relationship between the United States and Cuba is still new and much work remains to be done. Through our new organization,

CONNECT- Connecting American and Cuban Teens, we can help to strengthen this budding relationship. Time spent together between American teens and Cuban teens, even if only online at first, allows all of the teens to benefit tremendously by learning more about the world around them, opening their minds, and exposing them to the perspectives, and history, of others.

President Barack Obama visited Cuba in March, 2016, which was a major step in the process of the United States and Cuba reconnecting, but this is only the beginning. Businesses are now connecting with Cuba as well as politicians, but what about the rest of us? How can we connect the regular people of Cuba and America, in particular the youth?

Our solution is to have the teens of both countries form relationships with each other. We recognize the incredible opportunity to connect the United States and Cuba after so many years and what better way to do so than with our youth?
CONNECT has been designed as a “pen-pal” like program which is intended to connect Cuban teens and American teens. This communication can play a large role in ensuring good relations between Cuba and America and help bridge the gap that has divided the two countries for more than 50 years.

We are of Cuban heritage – our grandfather was born and raised there- and we are seeking to form deeper connections with Cuban teens by communicating, sharing experiences and bonding.

One of the main reasons we created and is because we know the importance of engaging with the world and we have always recognized the importance of building and maintaining good relationships. We hope you will join us in our quest to re-establish the ties between our two countries. There is a lot of work to do, and we hope you join us for this exciting ride!

Noah Greenblatt       Julia Greenblatt       Anna Greenblatt


Click here for an informative brief video about the history of American and Cuba relations

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