Postcards for Camp

May 15, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope you are doing well and gearing up for the summer. For our next Chesed Project, we have created adorable and fun postcards for kids to use to when they are in camp. All of the postcards were designed by us.

We have both options for boys and for girls.

We are selling the girls’ postcards to raise money to sponsor a Bat Mitzvah for a girl who lives in the Lev Lalev orphanage in Netanya, Israel. We thought that this would be a good project to do, since we recently celebrated our B’not Mitzvah. It is a special goal to be able to help another girl celebrate this important milestone. Our goal is to raise $1,800, to pay for all of the expenses including: a gift, a hairdo, a dress, shoes, and a party for 150 girls. You can visit the Lev La Lev website at to learn more about the orphanage, read stories about the girls, donate, and send birthday wishes to the girls, and much more!

“What comes from your heart enters theirs”

Heart to Heart

We are selling the boys’ postcards raise money for Connections Israel. Connections Israel was founded in 1998 to strengthen Jewish unity. We are raising money to sponsor gift baskets for Israeli soldiers for the Jewish holidays. You can visit the Connections Israel website to learn more about the many worthwhile things that Connections Israel does

Heart to Heart

If you don’t need any postcards, but wish to make a donation, any donation is appreciated.
Please make the check out to either Lev LaLev or Connections Israel (or both). Any amount helps!

Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!
Co-CEOs: Noah, Julia and Anna Greenblatt
Co-Vice Presidents: Sophia and Avery Greenblatt
Junior Vice President: Vera Greenblatt

P.S. To keep you updated about our recent activity, this winter we had the unique opportunity to participate in an 8 week program organized by The Friendship Circle of Bergen County. The program was called MVP (Mitzvah Volunteer Program). We would like to thank Rabbi Grossbaum for teaching us about special needs children and how we can help them.


Please fill out the below form and mail it to:

Triplets 4 A Cause
60 Grand Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631

Please include a check made payable to Lev LaLev or Connections Israel (or both), depending on which sets you order (see order form below). Please add $4 shipping for each set ordered. For example, if you order 2 sets, please include a check in the amount of $38 ($15 for each set, plus $4 for shipping per set). Thank you!

Each set comes with 10 postcards. The cost is $15 per set of 10 postcards.

Indicate the number of Sets Desired:

Pet Pet Postcard Set (check payable to Lev LaLev)
Flip Flops Flip Flops Postcard Set (check payable to Lev LaLev)
Suitcase Suitcase Postcard Set (check payable to Lev LaLev)
Ice Cream Ice Cream Cones Postcard Set (check payable to Lev LaLev)
Surfboard Surfboard Postcard Set (check payable to Connections Israel)
Hockey Hockey Stick Postcard Set (check payable to Connections Israel)
Basketball Basketball Postcard Set (check payable to Connections Israel)

Additional Information:

Your Name: ____________________________

Where you would like us to mail the post card set(s) to:

Your email address: ___________________________________

Your phone number (in case we have any questions about your order):

Thanks again!

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